Tuesday, 12 April 2011

That crazy new 326ppi device that Nokia busted out this morning has finally made contact with our eager hands. The E6 is extremely compact, stainless steel accounts for its back cover and camera bezel, but weight is feathery and general feel in the hand is terrific. You're limited to a 2.46-inch screen, but Nokia's otherwise standard resolution of 640 x 480 looks pretty awesome when squeezed into such dimensions. Check out the gallery of pics below and we'll have video for you soon as well!

JBL ships AirPlay-enabled On Air speaker dock, charges stiff premium for wireless luxury

It's a familiar face, sure, but there's a key ingredient thrown here that's been lacking on JBL's prior iDevice docks: AirPlay. We're still waiting (and waiting) to see if Apple's going to expand its licensing program to allow third-party vendors the ability to toss in AirPlay video streaming, but for now, JBL's taking advantage of what's out there. The On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock -- which is shipping today to Best Buy and Apple Stores after being teased a few weeks ago -- is now good and official, enabling consumers to wirelessly stream their iTunes library from Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPods or iPads right to the dock. Aside from a rather unorthodox design (which should go a long way to dispersing jams in a 360-degree fashion), you'll also find a color LCD, digital FM radio, an inbuilt alarm clock, DSP technology and a proprietary adapter that enables it to be worn as headgear at your next rave. We're guessing that final bit makes the $349.99 price tag entirely more palatable.

P67, X58, And NF200: The Best Platform For CrossFire And SLI

Most enthusiast swing between buying a Sandy Bridge or Bloomfield processor for gaming, now that the pricing is almost similar. Buying a Bloomfield system opens the route to upgrade to a Gulftown 6-core processor when the prices comes down to reasonable rates while buying a Sandy Bridge setup will enable one to upgrade to the Ivy Bridge architecture later. However, there are pros and cons as in any case involving technology and money spent. The advantages and shortcomings of Intel’s mainstream platforms are well-known to anyone who follows technology. A total of sixteen PCIe 2.0 lanes originating from the CPU reduce latency (good) and total available bandwidth (bad) compared to Intel’s high-end X58 chipset which has up to 36 lanes. Which would be the best choice to spend your hard-earned cash on right now?

Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 Official

The largest phone manufacturer, Nokia has officially announced two smartphones running the Symbian "Anna" update aimed at different demographics. Welcome the new E6 for the businessman and the X7 for the multimedia addict.

Intel Z68 chipset to launch May 8

Intel’s new Z68 chipset is set to debut on May 8, just in time to commemorate VE Day.

The new chipset is designed with high-end Sandy Bridge processors in mind and it will deliver a few features lacking on P67 and H67 products. The Z68 should deliver improved overclocking performance, as well as support for RST SSD caching and a host of other features geared towards the premium markets. 

Basically, Z68 will be the chipset of choice for Sandy Bridge processors and best of all, it shouldn’t end up much pricier than existing 67-series boards.

World's 1st Carbon Fibre Bluetooth Headset

The aptly named Carbon by Bluetrek is claimed to be the 1st carbon fibre bluetooth headset. It weighs in at a mere 5.9 grams, touts Bluetooth v3.0 support, and allows for four and a half hours of talk time or five days on standby. For those wanting to match your bluetooth headset with your sporty spoiler on your car, you are welcome to place an order at Bluetrek. For USD70 (RM212), it might just be the thing to fulfill your desire for all things carbon fibre.

Ralph Lauren's solar-panel backpack charges your phone in hours, your credit card in seconds

We're excited to see Ralph Lauren outing its first solar-equipped knapsack as part of its RLX sports line. Four solar cells around back harness the sun's power to generate 3.45 watts -- completely juicing up an iPhone in a purported two-to-three hours, assuming you've got "proper sunlight orientation," of course. Like the optional orange hue (it also comes in black), the sun-sucking cells aren't particularly low profile -- but for $800 don't you want something, uh, recognizable? Still, if you simply must be that guy be sure to hit the source link and don't look back, but for everyone else, might we recommend a portable USB charger for a little less coin?

Apple reportedly hires top UK gaming PR execs from Nintendo and Activision

As you may have noticed, Apple has been more serious about gaming lately that it was even during its Pippin-fueled haze in the mid-1990s, and it's now offering yet more evidence of just how invested it is with a pair of new hires. While the company isn't confirming the move just yet, MCV is reporting that Apple has snatched up Nintendo UK's former head of communications, Rob Saunders, who just left the big N last week and will apparently be focusing on PR for iOS apps at Apple. What's more, he'll reportedly be joined at Apple by former Activision PR director Nick Grange, who's said to be focusing specifically on the iPad -- which, as we've seen, can be a pretty versatile gaming device in its own right.

 VIA  Apple Insider, Engadget