Friday, 3 June 2011

Review : 1Malaysia Netbook

The government has started a scheme offering netbooks to families with incomes of below RM3000. It is purposed to help recipients study smarter. Wonder how these netbooks are of help since it comes with no educational software whatsoever. The only productivity softwares found pre-installed on these netbooks are Microsoft Word and Excel. Other than the two mentioned, you're practically looking at an empty copy of Windows.

Recipient must also subscribe to broadband or have a pre-existing broadband connection. The minimum required is a Streamyx Zone ID, which will cost RM25/month. The broadband package offered is RM60 per month, with free WiFi modem as well. Hey, thought this scheme was for families with low income and they are expecting us to fork out extra money? Considering that it has nothing inside that is of help to studies except Word and Excel, at least with an internet connection, the students can stay on WikiPedia and read up or of course reroute to Facebook at times.

Okay let's get on to the review after the break.