Friday, 18 November 2011

HTC Sensation SLCD manufactured by 2 companies

The SLCD displays on the HTC Sensation are manufactured by 2 companies namely Sharp and Acer. The latter was commonly found in many HTC Sensation, which is also suspected to have manufacturing defects leading to the infamous dust under the screen problem. However, the Acer display gives a whiter white than the Sharp display. It also maintain the colour when viewed at an angle. Many HTC Sensation which have been sent in to HTC for a screen replacement had their screens replaced with Sharp displays. The move to Sharp displays may probably did not solve the dust issue. There is also noticeable improvement in contrast and flickering when compared to Acer's. Severe flickering as seen on Acer displays are not present in Sharp displays. However, do note that the Sharp display has a serious colour shift when viewed at an angle. The display suffers a great yellow tint when viewed at an angle and the white is more yellowish compared to Acer's. Head on past the break for more info and the workaround to adjust the colour on Sharp's SLCD.