Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Intel Z68 chipset to launch May 8

Intel’s new Z68 chipset is set to debut on May 8, just in time to commemorate VE Day.

The new chipset is designed with high-end Sandy Bridge processors in mind and it will deliver a few features lacking on P67 and H67 products. The Z68 should deliver improved overclocking performance, as well as support for RST SSD caching and a host of other features geared towards the premium markets. 

Basically, Z68 will be the chipset of choice for Sandy Bridge processors and best of all, it shouldn’t end up much pricier than existing 67-series boards.
However for whatever reason it may be, Intel still hasn't provided built-in USB3.0 support, instead allowing third-party manufacturers to add on their own USB3.0 solutions.

The Z68 chipset might also be a better choice for those who feel paranoid about getting "used" motherboards due to cost-saving tactics by motherboard manufacturers who recall the faulty boards, and just replace the faulty chipset of P67/H67 motherboards with new B3 revisions and shipping it out as new boards. For more info on the P67/H67 before B3 revision flaw, visit guru3d.

SOURCE:   Fudzillaguru3dTom's Hardware