Saturday, 5 November 2011

7 Apps to Metro"lise" Your Android Device

Let's face it. The Metro UI of the Windows Phone is one of the simplest and slickest interface. However, it's mostly a love it or hate it situation for everyone. Android lover will criticise the lack of home screens and widgets. The lack of apps is another reason users does not opt for a Windows Phone. But what if we get the best of both world. Let's say, we have the vast amount of over 250000 apps offered in the Android market and the simple and slick Metro UI. Read on to find out just how you can do that in some short simple steps.

The first and most important is of course the 7 Launcher which replaces the stock launcher on your Android.

Next up is to replace those Android lock screen to a WP7 style lock screen. We have WP7Lock Lite to do just that.

Photo Safari Lite is the WP7 look-alike photo gallery app. Even though it's long past Beta, this app crashed a few times on the HTC Sensation we tested in. The app runs just fine on our Samsung Galaxy S II though. Let's just blame qHD resolution on the HTC Sensation for this one.

How can we live without a music player right? UberMusic does just that but it cost $3.49 from the Market. The default skin is in some ways look like the player on WP7 devices but to push that identical level up a notch, you may download Metro UberMusic Skin from the Market for free.

WP7 Dialer Lite does the job of replacing your stock dialer app. It of course have a WP7-ish interface and also have a smart dial feature. For devices with qHD display, the dial pad may be a little off grid but nothing serious, just not utilising the full screen estate.

Messaging Metro Beta is the app to replace your stock messaging app. While it gives you the aesthetic Metro look, be reminded that this app is still in beta, so expect to hit some error message from time to time.

Well, how can we live without our email client right? WP7 Email does a decent job to retrieve and send your emails. It supports IMAP, POP3, and EXCHANGE clients. Currently in its first version release, do expect some bugs as well.

That's seven apps in total but let's just add some extras to this. We can't get enough of these Metro goodness.
You can have a Metro-like keyboard by purchasing Smart Keyboard PRO at $2.75 from the Market. Subsequently, download Windows Phone 7 Skin from the Market and you get a nice Metro-styled keyboard. Hope you guys enjoy your WP7 look-alike device. Surprisingly, this isn't just a show-off thing, it's practically a workable replacement. Well, thank the flexibility of Android OS. Summary of the apps below.

7 Launcher
WP7Lock Lite
Photo Safari Lite
UberMusic with Metro UberMusic Skin
WP7 Dialer Lite
Messaging Metro Beta
WP7 Email
Smart Keyboard PRO with Windows Phone 7 Skin