Thursday, 19 May 2011

Nokia N9 with Meego the Ultimate Device?

We've definitely heard lots of rumors on Nokia N9 since last year. Then E7 was released making us thought N9 leak was a prototype of N9 which will never hit the shelves. We even have words saying that N9 would be running on WP7 instead of Meego. Elop mentioned that N9 has a close to perfection hardware. A couple days back, Nokia N9 hit the FCC, making us all too surprise and yesterday we were teased by the above video having known that N9 comes packed with 12mpx Carl Zeiss. The glimpse of UI we are seeing represent much of Symbian Anna due released soon. Meego Facebook page confirmed it was running Meego though.

What will we be expecting hidden in the N9? Since the rumor has been around since last year when dual-core processors wasn't powering your average smartphone, 1Ghz TI Omap3 was mentioned back then. Intel came into picture having mentioned that an Atom clocked at 1.2Ghz will be equipped. But still, Atom in a phone? Atoms don’t even see to be power efficient enough to run in tablets, and they have more space for batteries. @Addiermedina mentioned in a tweet that N9 will be equipped with Broadcom BCM2763 capable of processing FullHD medias.

ST Ericsson U8500 platform having ARM Cortex A9 coupled with Mali 400 GPU is the next possible candidate. A hint towards the U8500 in the N9 brings the Linaro Wiki: A fast search for “N900″ brings up a lot of hits. Linaro, an open source company which focuses on middleware and low level software, is funded by ST Erricson but not by Broadcom or Intel. These speculation should come clear during the Meego Conference from 23th May to 25th May at San Francisco.