Sunday, 1 May 2011

Crazy nose stylus lets you use your phone if your hands are busy

The problem with most touchscreen smartphones is that you need two hands to run them. This weird looking nose stylus solves that problem, by letting you peck away using your nose when your other hand is...uh...preoccupied.

Created by admitted bathtub smartphone user Dominic Wilcox using plaster wrapped around an existing touchscreen stylus, the extended proboscis is long enough to reach the screen at a distance where you can still focus on it.
My problem is that it instantly reminded me of the mask Alex wore in A Clockwork Orange, so imagine how your partner would feel if they came in and saw you wearing this thing. Still, it's not any nuttier than operating your iPhone with a Slim Jim.
I think Wilcox needs a catchy name like The Droog for his creation, then he would have something that would sell. More pictures after the break.

VIA   Gizmodo