Sunday, 10 April 2011

AMD Radeon HD6990 vs nVidia GTX590

A short history lesson on dual GPU cards.

Most consumers don't even need dual GPUs with single GPUs more than enough for gaming purposes. However, some people like to be extreme, and dual GPU cards are the most extreme cards one can buy in the market. Right now we are looking at dual GF110 and dual "Caymans", essentially giving you two slowed down GTX580 or two HD6970 respectively.


GeForce GTX 590GeForce GTX 580Radeon HD 6990Radeon HD 6970Radeon HD 6950
Manufacturing Process40 nm TSMC40 nm TSMC40 nm TSMC40 nm TSMC40 nm TSMC
Die Size2 x 520 mm²520 mm²2 x 389 mm²389 mm²389 mm²
Transistors2 x 3 billion3 billion2 x 2.64 billion2.64 billion2.64 billion
Engine Clock607 MHz772 MHz830 MHz880 MHz800 MHz
Stream Processors / CUDA Cores1024512307215361408
Compute Performance2.49 TFLOPS1.58 TFLOPS5.1 TFLOPS2.7 TFLOPS2.25 TFLOPS
Texture Units128641929688
Texture Fillrate77.7 Gtex/s49.4 Gtex/s159.4 Gtex/s84.5 Gtex/s70.4 Gtex/s
Pixel Fillrate58.3 Gpix/s37.1 Gpix/s53.1 Gpix/s28.2 Gpix/s25.6 Gpix/s
Frame Buffer2 x 1.5 GB GDDR51.5 GB GDDR52 x 2 GB GDDR52 GB GDDR52 GB GDDR5
Memory Clock853 MHz1002 MHz1250 MHz1375 MHz1250 MHz
Memory Bandwidth2 x 163.9 GB/s
192 GB/s (384-bit)2 x 160 GB/s (256-bit)176 GB/s (256-bit)160 GB/s (256-bit)
Maximum Board Power365 W244 W375 W250 W200 W

With the current top single GPUs  being so powerful, things will only get better when doubled, right? Read more on the GTX590 and how well it performs in SLI vs the HD6990 in Crossfire here.

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SOURCE: Tom's HardwareGuru3dGuru3d